Most people think night vision devices are for spies, soldiers, or jet fighter pilots, but these days captains and boat owners are using night vision as well for a variety of applications. Night vision camera systems are a great way to monitor and secure vessels in addition to being a valuable navigational tool by providing detailed imagery with infrared light in settings of complete darkness. Steer clear of buoys, jetties or other hazards while navigating the ocean or waterways in the darkness. Night vision systems provide a great amount of confidence and relief in what would otherwise be a stressful situation by essentially turning the twilight into daylight, on individual or multiple displays to suit your needs, for vessels both large and small.

Marine-Grade Camera Systems for security & fishing fun.

We offer a variety of camera systems not just for security applications but also to capture your hour long fight with that record-breaking Blue Marlin. Fishing cameras and underwater camera systems are no longer an option, but rather a necessity in the game fishing arena these days. Record every second of those monumental battles to make them lasting memories - they will no longer be just \'fishing stories.\'